I am a journalist and I work for the leading English language newspaper in Asia, South China Morning Post. For the past two and a half years, my focus is China Internet. I have seen it become an important social phenomenon, and watched as international  investors have embraced it..

The “Selected work” section shows some of the best articles I have written in the last few years. Most of them are about the Internet sector in China, but they also cover Technology, New Media and Venture Capital Investing. (View)

I am currently working on book about the Internet sector in China. (View)

Before journalism, I worked on a startup with a partner and acted as a business strategist for a Hong Kong tycoon who wanted to branch out into the  Internet business as an extension of his hotel and property enterprises.  I hold an MBA and my undergraduate major was computer science.  Just like many of the entrepreneurs I talk to in my job, I too have dreamed of founding my own Internet company.

I took a job as a journalist because I wanted to have first hand access to the China Internet sector. Much of the material written on the subject looked shallow, if not downright bizarre, as if it had been done by people whose curiosity either wasn’t very deep or who could only see parts of the picture at the expense of the whole. 


2 responses to “About

  1. A very interesting blog. China is the fastest-growing part of the Internet and in many respects the best place to see the newest developments unfolding.

    One of my big interests is virtual currencies such as QQ (which you deal with). Here is another informative article on the business aspects of these: http://seekingalpha.com/article/24227-china-s-virtual-e-commerce-currency

  2. Sherman Philip So

    Hi Sherman!,

    This is also sherman, I’m a chinese who grew up in the philippines, I was browsing the net about my name and i found yuor site, its amazing that we could have the same name although I have a second name PHILIP , but I work as a TV director , and Director of photography here in Manila, Philippines. Just wanted to share 🙂

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